Assigning team writing projects is a great way to engage students in course content and increase learning. To help students reach their full potential, avoid project designs that can get in the way.

In essays from 295 students in my college writing courses over the last four years, students have…

Joe Moses and Jason Tham

According to the World Economic Forum, “talents like empathy, adaptability, and a knack for communicating your ideas” are skills companies need:

As companies grapple with digitization, automation, and constant change, creating a culture where people can communicate their ideas is crucial to competitiveness. …

How to overcome slanxiety in every collaborative writing project

Joe Moses and Jason Tham

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It happens every time: during collaborative writing projects someone inevitably raises a concern about someone else who is slacking.

“They’re not pulling their weight.”

“They’re always late.”

“I’m worried about X not getting their work done and I’m going to have to do more than…

Jason Tham and Joe Moses

Whether you’re interested in a freelance or a full-time writing position, knowing how design thinking works will make you a more valuable applicant than competitors who only pitch their writing skills or content specialty.

Why? Because hiring managers want problem solvers. We’ve been to countless…

Joe Moses and Jason Tham

Is anything worse than team writing projects that sound like this?


Where are we?
I thought you were doing that.
You spent three hours? That section is already done.
Where’s Alex?
Where’s Taylor’s feedback?
Where’s Pat’s research?
What happened to my beautiful paragraph?
Why are we doing this? …

By Jason Tham and Joe Moses

In our previous articles, we described a framework for collaborative writing that confronts the traditional writing process, focuses on cross-functional engagement, and creates specific roles and tasks that support effective collaboration. …

Joe Moses and Jason Tham

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We know that assigning roles in team project is effective. People who research collaborative writing (CW) have said for a long time that assigning specific roles and tasks to teammates makes teams more productive because doing so eliminates the time, effort, and confusion that follow…

Joe Moses and Jason Tham

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We recently posted a piece whose upshot was that instructors should stop using a writing process designed for individual writers when assigning collaborative writing projects.

Collaborative writing (CW) is so different from individual writing that, in addition to the writing process, the environment in which…

Joe Moses and Jason Tham

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It’s no wonder so many students don’t like team writing. Often given little instruction in how to write collaboratively, students are left with little more direction than wherever their anxieties point them. Students report feelings of anxiety about measuring up. They worry about losing track…

Joe Moses

Senior Lecturer, Writing Studies, University of Minnesota. Collaborative writer.

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