How to overcome slanxiety in every collaborative writing project

Joe Moses and Jason Tham

Photo by Ash from Modern Afflatus on Unsplash

It happens every time: during collaborative writing projects someone inevitably raises a concern about someone else who is slacking.

“They’re not pulling their weight.”

“They’re always late.”

“I’m worried about X not getting their work done and I’m going to have to do more than…

Joe Moses and Jason Tham

Is anything worse than team writing projects that sound like this?


Where are we?
I thought you were doing that.
You spent three hours? That section is already done.
Where’s Alex?
Where’s Taylor’s feedback?
Where’s Pat’s research?
What happened to my beautiful paragraph?
Why are we doing this? …

Joe Moses

Senior Lecturer, Writing Studies, University of Minnesota. Collaborative writer.

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