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  • Helber Alves

    Helber Alves

    Product Manager no @BancoBV, ex-@Itaú, ex-@Zup/Santander, ex-@GolAirlines.

  • Nicole Papaioannou

    Nicole Papaioannou

    comPOSITION is a blog about writing and Composition from multiple perspectives (student, teacher, tutor, etc.). Looking for input from everyone & anyone!

  • Steve Pomeroy

    Steve Pomeroy

    Philanthropist, recovering alcoholic, and homeless advocate. Building a community to empower single at-risk mothers. Site is:

  • Kristen Corpolongo

    Kristen Corpolongo

    Believer in love. Speaker of truth. Lover of beauty. Dwelling on the Third Coast. Vegan flirt. Left-handed. Project #ClimbYourOwnLadder.

  • Arett Utweint

    Arett Utweint

    Learner idealist

  • dbradesca


  • Manoj Gopanapalli

    Manoj Gopanapalli

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