Stop using traditional writing process models for team-writing projects

Photo by Olga Guryanova on Unsplash

Here’s what we’ve learned

To achieve the benefits of collaborative writing, projects require more than a detailed description of goals and expectations. Collaborative-writing projects require an environment that supports collaboration, a process for teams that encourages productivity, and a set of roles for aligning specific teammate tasks with specific learning outcomes for the project.

1. An environment that supports collaboration

Transparency: Making thinking visible

Review: Assess project increments frequently

Adaptation: Make changes based on learning needs

2. A process for collaborative thinking

a. Empathizing

b. Defining

c. Ideating or brainstorming

d. Reviewing

e. Team retrospective

3. Roles and tasks to perform in parallel writing

Critical thinking role

Research role

Genre/structure role

Synthesis role

Review/editing role



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